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people's standa▓rd of living and quality of life have seen further improvement, their economic,▓ social and cultural rights and interests have been strengthened, their civil rights and political rights ha▓ve been guaranteed, the public's consciousness of respecting and guaranteeing human ri▓ghts has enhanced significantly, internat▓ional human rights exchanges and cooperation have constantly developed, and the cause of socialist huma▓n rights w

ith Chinese characteristics has moved up to a new level.Nevertheless, we are keenly aware that problems, some of them serious, remain. China's econo▓mic development pattern is still extensive, unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable. There is still a huge gap between urban and ▓rural development. Difficulties need to be so

nd way as well

lved in ▓such fields as health care, educati▓on, care for the aged, food and drug safe▓ty, income distribution and the

nal human rig


environment -- all of which are closely related to the people's vital interests. The rule of law in safeguarding human right

s needs ▓to be further promoted and more efforts are require▓d to realize higher levels of human rights p▓rotection.Based on experi

hts action pl

ans since 2009.

ence gaine▓d in the implementation of the first and second national hum▓an rights action plans, the Chinese government has formulated the National Human Rights Action P▓lan of China (2016-202

0) (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan) in accordance with the constitutional principle that the state respects and protects human rights and the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other

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tantly e nhances the protecti▓
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